Thursday, 23 October 2008

Rough Cut

So not finished!
Missing most the of the film, camera difficulties. No music was meant to have a little girl singing but yet again camera difficulties. There's a lot more to come, this is just the first shot we have edited and cut... Also we know the titles go to fast so don't say anything!


Rough cut

Rough cut 2

Rough cuut

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Student Analysis

I thought this opening thriller was done really well. The whole idea of it being located in a train station made it so real, as millions of people travel by train. It also highlights the threats and dangers of it. I think the shots were done really well as there was a variety which kept me interested. It was very mysterious as i didn't know what was going to happen next. This is something that i wish that our thriller is like; has the watcher gripped. I also thought that the name was really good. ' This train terminates' overall is a very good attempt for an opening scene



Ideas for film
- Stalker
- Photos of victim doing normal daily activities such as sleeping, eating etc.
- Feet (bashed up, bleeding) walking, stumbling everywhere
Sound - Little child singing...
Sound Effects - Heavy breathing, Chains, foot steps.
- Scratching faces out, changing names, hanging cross and chains. Bloody footprints
- Photographic pictures of girl on swing
- Chains hitting

Description of victim
- Young girl
- Peaceful but also a bit mysterious
- Dirty/ bloody
- Running away

Description of stalker
- Mysterious and dark
- Not seeing his face or physical features, just the outline
- Quite a big character
- Very creepy
- Suspicious (what's he doing, why is this girl linked with him)

Location -

Liz's backgarden, Waterbeach rec.

Props -

Chains, Rag doll, Big black coat,

Costumes -

Scrubby looking old dirty clothes, big black coat, red paint and mud,

Main idea
-This teenage girl has been stalked and captured by her stalker, she has managed to excape, but he has found her... but why is she being stalked in the first place? also who is the stalker...

Final Idea -

Intro - The girl is stumbling everywhere, out of breath, dirty bloody feet. Heavy breathing in the background.

Title comes up ''Footprints''

Quick flash of 2 photos - Girl on a swing holding a rag doll, then a close up of the rag doll. A little child singing ''Can you hear the foot steps, foot steps, foot steps, can you hear the foot steps, hes coming for you ....''

Main - The teenage girl trying to get out of her chains, while the stalker is watching her closely. He appears behind her, she hears him turn around quickly and by the time she turns around he's dissapeared.

Then you see a series of photos the stalker has previously taken of the girl (her sleeping, with friends, eating with the family ect.)

Then goes back to the girl stumbling everywhere, but she suddenly stops as she has seen something she doesn't want to even think of... The camara moves up from her feet seeing something or someone ....?

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Monday, 13 October 2008

Story Board

Our thriller...
The first two shots show the terrified girl's feet, stumbling away from someone. The next two shots show a little girl sitting on the swings one spooky night - the first one shows her with shoes and the second one without. The following shot shows the feet again, covered in dirt and blood. Close up of the girls face, scared and tangled in chains. She then goes mad and starts hitting the walls trying to get them off her, whilst being watched by someone. This someone tries to grab her as she manages to escape from the chains. She hears breathing, turns round and he's gone. Last couple of shots are of a series of pictures the guy has taken of the girl (stalker) doing normal activities such as sleeping, eating and with her friends...